RYOTA 片山凉太《UFO》MV 13岁动画师采访全文

👽《UFO》MV由一位年仅13岁的女孩 Orie Tee @ spagett tee 独立完成。她一共花了四个月把每个场景画完,再将一帧帧的画面集结成这首時长三分钟的精彩动画。我们和 Orie 坐下来小聊了一下,请她多介绍自己。现在就让我们来认识这位小动画师吧!


1. 据说你是自学动画的,请问是什么激发了你对动画的兴趣呢?
We came to know that you’re a self-taught animator, what sparked your interest in animation?
我10岁的时候在 YouTube 上看了一些 Storytime animations 的视频,就觉得这非常新奇有趣,所以就想要尝试自己去制作类似的作品。
I first discover Storytime animations on YouTube when I was 10, and I was really intrigued about it, and wanted to do something similar.

2. 请问你是在什么情况下接了 RYOTA《UFO》动画 MV 的项目呢?
How did you get the opportunity to animate RYOTA’s “UFO” music video?
My dad (Abraham Tee, Senior Music Producer) introduced me to this project.

3. 自学了3年动画制作的你,请问收到这个项目的第一反应是?
What was your first reaction when you received this opportunity after 3 years of self-taught?
At first, I actually didn’t want to do it due to I was still learning and I thought that I would do a bad job, but I ended up really enjoying the process.

4. 请你简单地分享一下《UFO》MV 的整个动画制作流程。
Do you mind sharing the process of animate the music video “UFO” ?
Well, first my dad let me listen to the song and he explained to me how the basic story line goes. Then I started the drawing storyboard and designed the characters. During the whole process, I worked with Wen Hao Gor Gor who is the video producer of the team of Jumuro Music to improve the creativity of the animation.

5. 请问在制作的过程中,你的灵感从何而来?
Where did you find your inspiration during the process of this animation?
The inspiration came sort of natural to me, the music also inspired the structure of my story of the animation.

6. 请问你在制作《UFO》MV 时遇到了哪些挑战?你是如何解决的呢?
What were the challenges you face when you’re working on “UFO” music video, and how did you overcome?
It was definitely the dancing scene because there’s a lot of movement in the dance sequence and I didn’t know where to start. 🥺

7. 请问你个人最喜欢《UFO》MV 的哪个部分呢?为什么?
Which is your favorite part of the “UFO” music video and why?
我非常喜欢 MV 最后,RYOTA 加入外星人一起跳舞的那段。有两个主要的原因,第一是因为我觉得这个主意蛮搞笑的!第二是因为,我只花了一天的时间就把它完成,所以我非常有成就感~
I really like the scene where RYOTA joins the aliens and dance. Firstly, it’s because I think it’s a pretty funny idea. Secondly it’s because I only spent a day on it and I’m super proud of it 🤣

8. 请问你接下来有什么新的其他项目吗?
Are there any upcoming projects in the future?
There will if I gotta be honest, I’m not allow to tell you what it is all about, but I can tell you most likely will be a short film. If the opportunities arise, I would love to make another music video with Jumuro Music in the future tho XD.


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